A Pair of Abandoned Lambs Adopt Their Rescuer as Their Mommy

A pair of lambs, who were sadly abandoned by their mother, were taken in by the Saint Beans Animal Sanctuary for Lambs in New Zealand and before long, the adorable pair imprinted upon founder Brendan and thought of him as their mommy.

.. they were in trouble. At that point I picked them up they were very wet and desperate for a drink. I warmed them up and as soon as they had that milk they’re like well you’re you’re my mother…

The lambs began thriving shortly after their rescue. Now that they feel safe,they’ve gotten a little insistent about meal time.

Before long they were kind of the boss of me really. Once they get their confidence and they know that they’re someone’s safe and they trust you, they get their feeding schedule memorized. If you’re late by even five minutes, they’re just so completely bananas and you’ve got to literally run into the house and shut the door before they just start kind of trying to break in.