An Animatronic Spy Pig Becomes the Unfortunate Victim of a Very Defensive Male Komodo Dragon

In a wild clip narrated by David Tennant from the PBS/BBC series The Islands’ of Spy in the Wild 2, an animatronic spy pig built by John Downer Productions becomes the unfortunate victim of a very defensive male Komodo dragon.

Prior to the spy pig’s entrance, the male was getting romantic with a female when another male of the species attempted to cut in, which was not at all considered acceptable. The two puffed up males wrestled in a display of strength. The defeated interloper slunk away. The happy couple was set to resume their romance when the spy pig was spotted. Still roiling with testosterone, the male attacked the pig, essentially tearing it limb from limb. While the Komodo dragon didn’t find anything edible within the pig, the pig offered up rarely seen footage of the toxic mouth its attacker.

For the first time ever, a view inside a dragon’s mouth. One laden with venom and toxic saliva, dosed with over 50 types of deadly bacteria. But as Spy Pig doesn’t taste edible, he’s soon abandoned. Anyway, the dragons still have romance on their minds.

Komodo Dragon Mouth