A Whimsical Stop Motion Animation of Knitted Sheep Jumping Over a Fence on a Field of Green

Artist Chloe Lemay used her background in design and crafts to create a very whimsical stop motion animation of multiple sheep jumping over a fence, much in the way that counting sheep is referenced for falling asleep. The animation was made out of yarn, specifically green squares of the sheep jumping pattern that were hand-knit by Lemay.

12 frames of animation I made using knitting! I spent a long time on this and I’m so pleased with the results, really looking forward to trying more ‘yarnimation’ in the future.

Lemay also shared an informative behind-the-scenes video that shows how she put the whole thing together.

When she was done with the animation, Lemay turned the squares into a wall tapestry.

The final form of my knit animation, a wall tapestry! 

via Everlasting Blort