Adorable Knitted Hats For Tiny Pets

Hamster Hat

Yarn artist Viktorija of VikiPerfectGift has created an adorable line of colorfully knitted hats that fit the tiny heads of tiny pets such as hamsters, owls, guinea pigs, rats, hedgehogs, and even snakes. The hats will also fit small dogs and cats. Sometimes Viktorija uses real animals to model her designs, while other times, plush animals suffice. Each item can be ordered as is or by special order.

Viktorija stated that she enjoys making these whimsical gifts.

I create a unique design for the perfect moments.

Hat for Guinea Pig

Hat for Snake

Nurse Hat for Pets

Witch Pet Hat

Feather Hat for Pets

Feather Hat for Pets

Chef Hat

via David Wahl