Woman Coaxes Kitten Out of a Car Engine by Playing Kitten Sounds on Her Phone

Dana H. of Brooklyn Animal Action shared the wonderful story about a sweet stray kitten who she coaxed out of a car engine by playing kitten sounds on her phone.

Let me formally introduce you to Virginia aka Ginny aka Engine Kitten! I scooped this little bean up a week ago. I can’t even say I rescued her, she rescued herself! Ran right out of a car engine and into my hand. 

The little feline responded immediately, jumping out of the wheel well and onto the sidewalk looking for some attention. Dana wrapped the kitten up in a “purrito”, gave her a bath, trimmed her claws, and named her Ginny. Shortly after getting Ginny acclimated, Dana began the socialization process. Dana first carried Ginny around the house due to her tiny size. Being a bit independent, Ginny would climb onto Dana’s shoulder, and that’s how they bonded. Ginny was eventually adopted with another foster kitten named Lucy.

The girl that came running out of a car tire and straight into my hand 2.5 months ago at only 4.5 weeks old. I would be lying if I said I didn’t want to adopt her myself. But not only would having an extra resident cat in my one bedroom apartment reduce my ability to rescue and foster new kittens that need my help. …I dropped her off at her new home this morning along with another …kitten of a similar age who had been staying with us the last few days to get them acquainted.

Here are Ginny and Lucy, at their new loving home with Alissa and Pete

They were both found separately, alone outside at ~4 weeks old and were rescued by a local animal organization here in Brooklyn. ….Ginny was found in the wheel well of a car with Virginia license plates; Lucy was found in a garage by a girl name Lucy (lol Pete calls them out auto-kitties). They were in separate homes for the last few months but their foster mom’s thought they’d get along and, as you can see here, that is definitely the case!

Ginny has remained a shoulder cat even though she’s in a new environment.