A Little Girl Opens a Big Christmas Present to Find It Empty While a Tiny Kitten Escapes Out the Other Side

Heather Brooker, host of the series “Motherhood in Hollywood”, and her husband tried to surprise their three year old daughter with a kitten for Christmas and things didn’t turn out as they’d hoped. While the child was opening the box, the spry little gray kitten escaped out the other side, leaving the child with “nothing”. Luckily the kitten didn’t go too far.

Sometimes things go as planned. And sometimes this happens. Introducing Gracie I Love You Brooker. Welcome to our family sweet girl. She was adopted on Christmas Eve from the @santedorrescue and we couldn’t be more excited to have her. I predict lots of fun moments and pictures ahead

Per our previous post, animals don’t necessarily make for good holiday gifts unless all parties understand the responsibilities that come with caring for a pet, which is what appears to have occurred here.