King Leo, the Rescued Formerly-Obese Maine Coon Cat, Passes Away

King Leo Looking Outside

King Leo, the formerly morbidly obese Maine Coon cat who was found trapped in his carrier on the side of a road in Nashville, Tennessee in early August 2014, passed away at 1:30 this morning. Leo had been undergoing a weight loss and rehabilitation program when he became ill with pancreatitis and diabetes. Despite his human LaTisha Lampley’s best efforts, the strain was too much for Leo’s body and he died peacefully this morning in the company of the family who gave a sadly abandoned kitty a forever home.

To all of Leo’s friends… It’s 1:30am in Tennessee. And I have just received devastating news. Leo went into cardiac arrest and passed away moments ago despite his wonderful nurses and doctors efforts to save him… I know he was one well LOVED kitty and I’m sure you all are crying as much as I am. Leo was an amazing cat and endured many amazing miraculous odds to be in my life. Without the prayers and support of all of you, I would have never been able to try as hard to help him survive this. Leo passed away around people who Loved him and knew how wonderful of a kitty he truly was.

King Leo Weight Loss

King Leo in the Sun

King Leo

images via King Leo