KFC Releases a Steamy Downloadable Romance Novel Featuring a Strapping Colonel Sanders

Tender Wings of Desire Full

KFC has released a free, downloadable romance novel just in time for Mother’s Day, entitled “Tender Wings of Desire“, which features a rather strapping Colonel Sanders in a sleeveless white suit, cradling a lovestruck woman as she gently clutches onto a chicken leg, while the pages reveal more to come. Accompanying the book is a rather steamy ad featuring a shirtless male model seductively reading the pages aloud.

Give Mom her true heart’s desire this Mother’s Day—a family meal and a romance novel featuring Colonel Sanders. …Escape motherhood and curl up with the Colonel this Mother’s Day. Introducing KFC’s new romance novel, Tender Wings of Desire.

Tender Wings of Desire

Thanks Jason Laskodi!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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