KeySmart PRO With Tile Smart Location, A Sleek Compact Key Organizer With Bluetooth Tracking

KeySmart Tile

In the past we’ve written about various designs of the cleverly designed KeySmart, a sleek device that replaces bulky key rings by lining the keys up in an orderly, retractable manner. The new KeySmart PRO with Tile Smart Location features in previous iterations, but has the added benefit of Bluetooth location tracking through the Tile App, an LED light, and handy bottle opener attached.

The KeySmart Pro with Tile™ Smart Location is the ultimate key organizer that gives you a better way to organize and carry your keys.

  • Use the Tile™ App to help you locate your keys or phone by displaying the location on a map.
  • You can press a button and make your phone ring even if its on silent.
  • Make your keys play a tune so you can find them faster.
  • The KeySmart Pro holds a charge for 3 months and you can recharge it with the included Micro-USB cable
  • Includes a powerful led light and as well as a bottle opener for convenience
  • The KeySmart Pro can hold up to 10 keys but it can expand to hold more keys with extension packs

KeySmart Tile App


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KeySmart Door Light

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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