A Beautiful Mister Rogers Tribute Song by Kate Micucci

Kate Micucci of the comedy duo Garfunkel and Oates wrote a beautiful send-off song to the late, greatly missed Mister Rogers at the time of his passing in 2003. With a new kids album coming out, Micucci partnered with composer Justin James and Orchid Quartet to put her original lyrics to music and artist Robin Gonsalves to animate her original drawings for the video. The result is a heartwarming music video that pays a lovely tribute to the great man who taught so many young children and their parents the meaning of kindness and empathy.

The first single from my upcoming album is out today. I wrote this song after hearing the news that one of my heroes, Mister Rogers, had passed away. 20 years later I’m so happy the song is out there in the world. 

The lyrics hark back to the most wonderful things about Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood and the song is sung in a style similar to the show’s opening song.

So long, old friend

Til we meet again

I liked you right from the start

Your patient ways

Filled my sunny days

You’ll always be in my heart

Never forget the time you taught me how to tie my shoes

Without commercials

How could we ever lose I have one wish

That I could feed your fish while you’re gone

But I’m sure they’re doing fine

Your cotton sweaters

Nobody wore them better than you

You were the man

A trip to the Land of Make Believe

Was where we’d like to be

Daniel Tiger and King Friday X the Owl lived in a tree

And so, so long I’ll just keep singing this song and when I do

I’ll think of you I say thank you

For being my neighbor