Actor/Director John Krasinski Amiably Breaks Down the Lantern Scene From the Film ‘A Quiet Place’

With blue marker in hand, actor John Krasinski broke down a truly compelling scene from his new film A Quiet Place for the ongoing Vanity Fair video series Notes on a Scene. Because Krasinski had dual roles in the film, both as main character and as director, he was distinctly able to offer insight into the scene, how many takes were necessary, the insightful background details and singular motivation of each character within the scene and within the whole story.

To me the theme of family and what would you really do for your kids is the reason why I did the
movie. …this is one of my favorite scenes because it’s a movie about a family that needs to remain quiet. This is such a perfect atmosphere and one of the best scenes to tell the rules of how to remain quiet and what happens if you don’t.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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