JoeJoe the Capybara Sloppily Devours a Red Popsicle in Honor of ‘Capybara Appreciation Day’

On July 10, 2014, JoeJoe the Capybara sloppily devoured a red popsicle (once his human made him aware of it) in order to celebrate “Capybara Appreciation Day“, which JoeJoe explains to be in memory of his buddy Caplin.

This video was taken on July 10th is Caplin Day, also known as Capybara Appreciation Day. We celebrate this day in honor of Caplin Rous (2007/02/10 – 2011/01/03) to celebrate Caplin Day, you can eat a popsicle or yogurt in Caplin’s memory.

When not devouring novelty desserts, JoeJoe may be found splashing about in the bath with his rubber duckie…

or perhaps keeping watch over a rambunctious litter of puppies…

or even just hanging out on the couch with his feline buddy Moon.

JoeJoe and Cat