Katie Couric Accompanies a Nervous Jimmy Kimmel to His Very First Colonoscopy

In support of the Stand Up To Cancer movement, a newly 50 year old Jimmy Kimmel decided this was the year for him to get his first colonoscopy. The nervous host recruited journalist and talk show host Katie Couric to accompany him to the appointment. Couric has been a spokeswoman for colon cancer awareness since the death of her husband Jay Monahan in 1998. Couric televised her own colonoscopy in March of 2000, so she was very happy to accommodate Kimmel’s unusual request.

Jimmy turned 50 recently so Katie Couric asked if she could accompany him for his first colonoscopy. While that seemed to be a very unusual request Jimmy knows that this is something Katie is passionate about and it’s an important thing to do when you’re of a certain age. So with that said, let’s watch a camera go where no camera has gone before. #StandUpToCancer

Couric later spoke about the experience from her point of view.

Here’s footage from Katie Couric’s televised colonoscopy in March 2000.