‘Reflect’, An Immersive Installation Featuring Colorful Interactive Lighted Circles at Brooklyn’s Domino Park

Brooklyn artist Jen Lewin has created “Reflect”, a colorful interactive light installation at Domino Park in Williamsburg, Brooklyn set against a backdrop of the iconic Williamsburg Bridge and the East River. The installation features series of lighted concentric circles that respond and change color whenever a person steps on them. Lewin stated that after a year of isolation due to the pandemic, New Yorkers are ready to experience unfettered joy while also remembering those lost to the virus.

The installation will encourage New Yorkers to pause for a moment of reflection and discovery and inspire connection as the city enters a new era of hope and revival. For Lewin, this is an opportunity to pay homage to essential workers and NYC by creating a safe place for community to connect and play during a disconnected time.

“Reflect” will be open to the public through April 15, 2021 between the hours of 8:00 AM and 10:00 PM.

Reflect at Domino Park allows for multiple individuals to engage with the work simultaneously, while maintaining six feet of physical distance, making it an ideal public artwork for this moment. Free and open to the public March 5th – April 15th, every day between 8 am – 10 pm.