Stunt Car Races Around the Streets of Los Angeles GTA-Style in the Drone Shot Video for JAWNY’s ‘Adios’

A brightly colored stunt car, driven by stuntman Sammy Maloof, races around the empty streets of Los Angeles in the music video for the JAWNY song “Adios”. The entire video, which feels reminiscent of a scene from Grand Theft Auto, was expertly captured by a drone that Jay Christensen of Jaybyrd Films operated. Spencer Ford directed and JAWNY was particularly happy with the results.

adios music video is out now and i have to to say it.. i think it’s video of the year. everything you see in this video other than a balloon is 100% real no VFX. we shut down 9 blocks of downtown LA to make what i think is the best music video i have ever made to date.