Staying Overnight in a Tiny Japanese Micro-Apartment

While visiting Japan, rental expert Cash Jordan rented out a tiny micro-apartment in Osaka that measured 90 square feet for $40 per night. While this isn’t the smallest apartment Jordan has ever seen, this is the first one he’s lived in.

This Japanese Micro Apartment is probably the size of your closet at home. Is it possible to live here? Lets find out…

The home was fully appointed, featuring all the comforts of home, albeit smaller than what Jordan normally accustomed to. Plus it was in a great location.

just down this alley is a Japanese micro apartment that only measures 90 square feet wow I’ve heard a small but this is really small and I’m gonna be living here for the next 24 hours …In typical Japanese fashion, it comes with room shoes, a tiny little micro kitchen, and a full bathroom with its own set of room shoes. Plus you can take a bath if you really want to. The washer is bigger than the fridge and the microwave and it’s in the best part of Osaka, Japan, right by all the arcades, all the shops, and all the restaurants.

He was definitely impressed by the organizational system of the place, although he didn’t get much sleep due to the location.

I didn’t get any sleep I got about five hours and that’s for two reasons …the bar across the street let’s just say it’s open when you might want to be sleeping which is probably fine for most of the people who rent a place like this ….no wonder this place was so hard to find everybody wants it… The other problem this causes is that even after you turn off the lights to go to sleep there’s still light coming in the windows it’s a bright apartment during the day and at night 

Jordan then moved to a larger micro apartment that measured 120 square feet and cost a tiny bit more. This unit felt to Jordan like a feasible solution to housing problems in the US, if the units were legal there.

Would you live in a place this small? Its not a house in Ohio, but apartments like this might be the solution to housing affordability in American cities like New York, LA, Etc… And if its a profitable vacation rental at 60 a night, the monthlys are likely 1k or less.

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