Inside the Smallest Studio Apartment in New York City

Luxury real estate agent Erik Conover and rental expert Cash Jordan took a tour through the three of the smallest apartments in all of New York City. The smallest of the three comes in at just 60 square feet of living space and is 30 square feet smaller than the smallest apartment we’ve previously written about.

This $1,095/month apartment is dog-friendly (if you have a small dog), equipped with a loft, and located on St. Mark’s Place in the East Village, however, the bathroom is in the hall and the ceilings are very low.

This studio is officially the smallest apartment in ALL of New York City…with just 60 ft.² of usable living space in this micro studio apartment!

As it turns out, Jordan had lived in this exact unit in 2007. He didn’t have much space, but he was happy to live in New York City.

Do you want to know something crazy that I didn’t tell you about this apartment. I lived in this exact unit in 2007. This exact unit. I lived here and I had like all this stuff. I tried to move in and none of it fit so I had to throw away half my furniture and at the end of the day, I had the bed which was up and I had like a little futon…over by the window. My clothes, I had a slim enough wardrobe that it did fit in the closet. When I was like 22, you just want to be in the city, but you make it work. I made it work.