Jack Black Performs a Fabulously Absurd A Capella Cover of the Nirvana Song ‘Polly’ While Driving

From behind the wheel of his car, the incredibly talented Jack Black performed a fabulously absurd a capella version of the Nirvana song “Polly”. Black’s version was a combination of singing, scatting along with employing various sounds and nonsensical words that oddly made perfect sense.

YouTube commenter generously Bill Vapes took a stab at translating.

pehwn, shiga-flunu, tzuka flyny, m’bidu didu, daw.
flyny, ‘n, shuga flyny m’didu didu, daw.
Polly says her back hurts, shiga-flaow.
She just as bored as me, shiga-flaow.
She caught me on my guard, shiga-flaow.
Amazes me, the will, of instinct.
In me-e, uhh, I can never see-e, hmm.
Le m’√©clair, ahm – I can nelly-weyhe-eehm.
I can – Let me take a raa-aa-aa, n’getchasayin’ aw. (gasp)
Once a meh-eh-awn’, I complete myseeh’-awwn.?

Here’s Nirvana performing the original version of the song in 1992.

In 2011, Black spoke with Empire Magazine Australasia about his love for Nirvana, particularly their iconic album “Nevermind” .

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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