Twenty Playful Giant Purple Inflatable Tentacles Take Over Building 611 at the Philadelphia Naval Yard

In 2008, we wrote about the very playful Octo-Pied building by FilthyLuker and Pedro Estrellas (Luke Egan and Pete Hamilton), which featured inflatable tentacles coming out of the windows. The duo, who have been working together for over 23 years, have unmasked their largest display of inflatable tentacles yet – at the Philadelphia Navy Yard. This “Navy Yard Sea Monster” features twenty giant purple, turquoise and green octopus arms bursting from the windows of Building 611.

We’ve partnered with GroupXofficial to bring international artists @FilthyLuker and #PedroEstrellas to Philly to install their largest inflatable tentacle sculpture EVER at the Navy Yard Philly: Meet the #NavyYardSeaMonster, on display at Building 611 (13th Street & Flagship Ave) now through 11/16!

via Colossal

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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