Improv Everywhere Throws a Surprise Sweet 16 Party in a Subway Car Where All Riders Were Invited

Inspired by the return of MTV’s Super Sweet 16, the incredible Improv Everywhere plotted a very festive mission – a surprise “Sweet 16” party that took place on the Q Train full of commuters. Riders were asked to hold signs and help quickly decorate the car. By the time they were done, everyone aboard began feeling pretty festive. When birthday girl Jenny stepped into the surprise just two stops later, the party got started almost immediately. It was complete with music, dancing, cupcakes and even a performance by a “showtime” dance crew. Improv Everywhere had accomplished a similar mission in 2002 and founder Charlie Todd thought it would be interesting to see if time had made any difference.

This time around we added the “sweet sixteen” detail to make it even more ridiculous. Where is the last place you’d expect to see a (traditionally extravagant) sweet sixteen party? The Q train! … If you haven’t figured out by now, this was not a real a surprise birthday party. Jenny was an actor along with everyone else in our group. The real intent behind this stunt was to see if we could get an assortment of random commuters to play along. Can strangers in a subway car come together and have a party? The answer, much like it was 15 years ago, is yes!

Subway Sweet 16 Getting Ready

Subway Sweet 16 Decorating

Subway Sweet 16 Surprise Shhh

Subway Sweet 16 Surprise

Subway Sweet 16 Cupcakes

Subway Sweet 16 Posing

Showtime Dance Crew Surprise Sweet 16 Subway

photos by Improv Everywhere

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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