Impossible Light, The Story of the How the San Francisco Bay Lights Project Came to Life

Filmmaker Jeremy Ambers has created Impossible Light, an hour-long film that explores the amount of work that went into making the incredible San Francisco Bay Lights project a reality, Leo Villareal‘s original vision, the people involved in all aspects of the project and the technology used to time the lights. The Bay Lights has since became a permanent installation in December 2014.

On March 5, 2013, San Francisco’s skyline was transformed by an amazing sight. For the first time since the structures were erected, the Bay Bridge outshined the Golden Gate Bridge, her sexier, iconic sister to the west. 25,000 LED lights shined across the one-and-a-half mile long stretch, defying the obstacles of a project years in the making. But just how did they pull it off? …The Bay Lights was a game changer, turning a crazy idea into a stunningly beautiful reality. Thousands of spectators have been treated to the end result each night. Now, see how the visionary team made the impossible possible.