The Vital Importance That the Human Microbiome Plays In Maintaining Overall Physical Health

In a fascinating animation, the ever-philosophical design house Kurzgesagt explains the vital importance of the bacterial microbiome that lives symbiotically inside the human body, from where the microbiome originates, where it exists and how it “talks to the brain” in regard to such issues as behavior, mental health, body weight and blood sugar.

To survive here how microbiome co-evolved with us to be able to communicate with our body. The most important part of that is to ask the immune system to not kill them, but they also have a real motivation to keep our gut healthy. So some of them produce messenger substances that help to educate the immune system and also stimulate the gut cells to regenerate faster. But over the last few years, evidence has emerged that the influence of our gut microbiome goes much much further it might even talk directly to our brain.