A Touching Story About a Heartbroken IKEA Lamp Rescued From the Cold Dark Streets by a Little Girl

In what appears to be a continuation of the 2002 award-winning IKEA ad that was directed by Spike Jonez, the unfortunate lamp that was left bereft and heartbroken over being replaced is rescued from the cold, dark, rainy streets by a thoughtful little girl who puts the lamp in her wagon to take home with her. The lamp is dried off, cleaned, given a fresh bulb, and used all over the house before being placed lovingly on the girl’s bedside table.

And similar to the 2002 version, a white-haired gentleman proclaims at the end that being happy for the lamp is not crazy because “reusing things is much better”.

We’ve put a new spin on an old iconic commercial from 2002 because the more we reuse, the more we light the way for a better future.

Here’s the original version (or first part) of the video from 2002.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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