Hype Machine Music Blog Zeitgeist 2013, The Year’s Most Blogged Artists & Tracks

Hype Machine Zeitgeist 2013

The folks over at Hype Machine have put together Music Blog Zeitgeist 2013, their annual list (since 2007) of the Most Blogged Artists of the Year, complete with illustrations by Séamus Gallagher, along with the Most Blogged Tracks of 2013.

Top 50 Artists: We analyzed all posts in 2013 to find the 50 most-discussed artists, and asked Séamus Gallagher to illustrate. Listen to a track from each of the artists while you scroll, and click through to their latest release.

Top 50 Tracks: We compiled a list of tracks favorited the most on the site throughout the year, and asked some of the year’s top artists to make a mix. The first one up is from HAIM, and we’ve got more coming every day this week.

It’s an amazing collection of great music to check out at any time.

The most blogged album of 2013: Disclosure.

Number 1 - Disclosure

The HAIM vs Hype Machine-Best of 2013 Mix.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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