How to Make a Juicy Looking Roasted Thanksgiving Turkey Cake With Sweet Poundcake Stuffing

In a very timely episode for the American Thanksgiving holiday, the yummy video series “How to Cake It“, talented Canadian baker Yolanda Gampp demonstrated how to bake a cake that looks like a juicy roasted turkey complete with all the fixings, the perfect dessert for a Thanksgiving feast.

It’s Thanksgiving this month. Correction: American Thanksgiving. Just want to make it clear that I am still Canadian. I had my turkey last month. But I thought this glorious roasted bird deserved to remain in the spotlight. That’s right, I’m going to cake a roasted turkey. I will carve this bird out of vanilla cake, and use some cool edible painting techniques to make it appear roasted to perfection. Happy Thanksgiving


Roasted Turkey Cake

Turkey Cake Side


images via How To Cake It