‘How To Cake It’, A Wonderfully Fun Cake-Making Video Series by Yolanda Gampp

Baker Yolanda Gampp has created “How To Cake It“, a wonderfully fun YouTube series in which Gampp offers step-by-step instructions for making unusual, intricate and decorative cakes along with the basics of baking in order to get there.

How To Cake It. Yolanda is taking her love of making objects out of cake to viewers everywhere via her new YouTube Channel – she will give you an eyeful of #cakeporn as she creates some of her ‘bucket list’ novelty cakes, but will also get back to basics for people looking for creative, delicious desserts they can whip up at home. Whether it’s a killer recipe for buttercream, a rice krispy loaf packed with salted pretzels, caramel, and chocolate, or a 20lb cake that looks like an oversized stack of blueberry pancakes, you can trust Yolanda to show you #howtocakeit.

via Tastefully Offensive