How the Ladybug Got Its Name and Why It Is Held in Such High Esteem Around the World

In the latest episode of the fascinating series Today I Found Out, host Simon Whistler explains how the delicate little ladybug got its name and why it is held in such high esteem.

It turns out, the ladybug isn’t named for any particular female trait it possesses. Rather, it is named for a specific lady- the Virgin Mary. Why? This isn’t precisely known. One of the leading theories is that the name came about as a result of the ladybug’s bright red shell, which is not too dissimilar from the red cloak Mary is often pictured wearing in biblical paintings. There’s also an old European legend that states that farmers many hundreds of years ago prayed to the Virgin Mary asking for help to save them from the pests devouring their crops and in return she sent a swarm of tiny beetles bearing her trademark coat to eat them.