How Their Ever Evolving Audience Influenced the Way The Beatles Wrote About Love

In celebration of Valentine’s Day, music writer Polyphonic (previously) examines the different ways that The Beatles wrote love songs. Much had to do with their audience at the time. When the band first started out, they were performing to teenagers, so their songs were specifically written from in first-person and addressing a general “you”. i.e. “I Want to Hold Your Hand”. As their audiences evolved, the band found new ways to approach the concept of love.

One of the great transformations in how the Beatles wrote about love as they entered the middle of their career they started to write about love as a broader concept, Love was no longer just romance it was a more powerful force …the sexuality and spirituality of love collided on the Beatles next album ‘Revolver’…the psychedelic movement had exploded and The Beatles were in the midst of a transformation.