How Most People Live Their Life Like a Lottery In the Hope of Being Very Successful

In “The Lottery of Life“, the School of Life explains how most people live in the hopes of being very successful in their personal and professional lives, not realizing the odds are not always in their favor.

We may not have a sense that we’re playing any kind of luxury and yet we
are the lottery of life. We too are clutching tickets of various kinds and setting our sights on statistical near miracles even while we think we’re being utterly sober rational
level-headed the crucial place where this lottery like behavior happens is in
relation to our hopes of happiness into areas in particular love and work. …Our imagined society is likely to contain many more murders rabid dogs man-eating sharks and beautiful happy people than the real world does. Our mental map of how much contentment is possible defies all the known facts. If we could really see what love and work would be like for most other people, we would be so much less sad about our own situation and attainments. If we could fly across the world and peer into everyone’s lives and minds like an all-seeing angel, we’d perceive how very frequent disappointment is. How much unfulfilled ambition is circulating. How much confusion and uncertainty is being played out in private

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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