How Focus Music Is Designed to Minimize Distractions

Cheddar takes a look at the booming industry of focus music, specifically how these tracks organically minimize distractions by working with the listeners brain. This is less invasive than it sounds, as the same concept is used with musack. According to Kevin Woods, director of science for, the best music for concentration is completely removed of salient events such as vocals, snare beats and danceable rhythms. Instead, focus tracks cycle at 12.5 to 30 hz, a specific neural frequency range known as “beta rhythms”.

We all know music affects our brains, but is there something that makes particular songs better than others for concentration usually we choose songs based on personal preferences but it might not just be about taste it might actually be something inside our music that helps us focus. …Beta rhythm brain waves are linked to problem solving decision making and focus when the sounds. When our music modulates at this rate, brain entrainment takes over in our brain waves modulate at this rate – making it easier to concentrate on our work

Here are some examples of music specifically designed for focus.