How the Creators of Curious George Escaped the Nazi Invasion of Paris via Borrowed Bicycles

In an animated episode of Great Big Story, the amazing historical tale of H.A. Rey and Margret Rey, the creators of the iconic mischievous monkey Curious George was told. The couple had escaped Germany to Rio de Janeiro, but after they married, the Reys made their way to Paris from Rio de Janeiro. The couple loved Paris, but once the Nazis starting moving into France, they needed to once again escape to Lisbon to catch a ship back to Rio. Having no way to get out of the country, the determined couple rode borrowed bicycles that were cobbled together for four days when they caught the boat, landed in Rio, and then made their way to New York City where they lived out their days.

Curious George is the mischievous child that still lives inside us all, a swinging catastrophe with an envious joie de vivre. But everyone’s favorite chimp almost didn’t make it to the page.