Local Houston Furniture Dealer Generously Opens His Showrooms to Shelter Hurricane Evacuees

Jim “Mattress Mack” McIngvale, the beloved proprietor of Furniture Gallery in Houston known for his unique ad campaigns, has selflessly opened his various showrooms around the city to provide welcome refuge for thousands of people who lost their homes to the incredible floods of Hurricane Harvey. In an interview with CNN, Mack explained that he still had more room in different locations, gave out his personal cell phone so that anyone who needs shelter can contact him. Mack also sent out trucks “that can get through the high water really easily” to rescue people, welcomed pets, set up portable showers, provided basic necessities and gave a brand new mattress to everyone who came through the door solely because it was the right thing to do. Such generosity in the wake of such disaster proves one doesn’t need a cape in order to be a hero.

All day on Sunday we went around rescuing people out of high water stranded on overpasses. We brought about 200 people into the store that way.

Here’s one of the many charming commercials Mattress Mack made over past 30 years.