Historical Reenactor Demonstrates How to Authentically Prepare Meals From the 18th Century

In his wonderfully authentic culinary video series, Jas. Townsend, an 18th Century reenactor and proprietor of Jas. Townsend & Son, Inc. reenactment supplies, demonstrates how to prepare food as it was prepared in the Colonial period of the United States between the years of 1750 to 1840. Recipes include such items as 1794 Roast Beef, baked beans, pumpkin, fried cheese curd fritters, Ash Cakes along with a great many more.

It thrills us to meet other people who love history like we do! We believe there is no better way to learn from the past than to live it. …Seasoned reenactors speak of that “pristine moment” — that elusive tick of the clock when all distractions are erased, and the reenactor is transported to a different time — forgetting the century in which he or she actually resides. It’s the pursuit this of this pristine moment that turns living history into a journey or quest for so many. We desire that deeper experience…a more thorough understanding of how life use to be…the challenges, the triumphs, even the mundane.