Henry and Baloo, An Inseparable Dog and Cat Duo Who Enjoy the Great Outdoors With Their Humans

Henry the dog and Baloo the cat are an adorably inseparable duo who enjoy camping in the great Colorado outdoors with their adventurous humans Cynthia Bennett and her boyfriend.

The couple first adopted Henry, whom they refer to as a mountain goat. A few months they adopted Baloo. Henry and Baloo immediately recognized each other as family from day one and look to each other for comfort, particularly when Baloo is sitting on Henry’s head, riding him like a horse or even snuggling together in a sleeping bag. Bennett posted about the new addition to their family shortly after Baloo was adopted.

Everyone meet Baloo We adopted this cutie pie on Monday and he already has us wrapped around his little paw! He LOVES the outdoors + will cry if we don’t take him on our walks with Henry. This morning we took Baloo on his very first mountain adventure + he hiked, met a bunch of people, and met at least 10 pups! Henry has become the best big brother and always checks on him to make sure he is doing okay. He couldn’t be fitting into our little family any better and we just love him to the moon and back.