Helicopter Video Captures an Overhead View of a Waking Volcano With a Smiling Lava Face

While riding high above the Pu’u O’o crater in Hawaii on a Paradise Helicopters tour, Mick Kalber from Tropical Visions Video captured a magnificent overhead shot of the lava inside the crater, which had broken in such a way as to appear as if there were two eyes and a crooked smile. Volcano chaser Jeannie Curtis posted a still of this smiling image directly from Kalber’s video.

Mahalo nui Mick, Tropical Visions Video, Inc…. :) Have a MEGA-HAPPY Day, everyone! :) Guess where all of that lava entering the sea, is coming from? The Pu’u O’o crater of Kilauea, located over 6 miles away from the ocean. IMAGE: 28 JULY 2016. Pu’u O’o crater, Kilauea, Hawaii. A ‘still’ taken from the video of Mick Kalber, Tropical Visions Video, Inc. with Paradise Helicopters