Harry Potter Becomes a Cyber Coding Wizard in a Re-Imagined Trailer For the Harry Potter Films

Alex Skor of Inventor Headquarters celebrated the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter films in 2021 with “Harry Potter and the Prisoners of Cyberpunk”, a clever reimagination of the trailer from the 2001 film Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and other films from the franchise.

In this version, Harry has been deemed a coding wizard and is enrolled in the “Hogwarts School of Hackercraft and Coding” where he and his friends work with electronics of all shapes and sizes to complete his schoolwork, ensure fairness among the students, and even discover who killed his parents.

An eleven-year old boy gets a visit from a giant Hikikomori and finds out that he is a wizard-level programmer and is already enrolled in Hogwarts School of Hackercraft and Coding.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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