How to Build a Hands-Free Oreo Cookie Dispenser

Hands Free Oreos Dispenser

Emiel Noorlander, aka The Practical Engineer, decided that he wanted access to his Oreo cookies even if his hands were full or dirty, so he built a chin-operated, hands-free Oreo dispenser and shared with his viewers how to build one for themselves. The idea first started as a joke, but Noorlander wanted to go ahead with the build anyway.

The idea started as a joke where I thought it would be funny if you could eat Oreos while working with dirty hands. I started sketching and tried a couple of different ways and figured that it would be the nicest result if you could use your chin to dispense the Oreos. The shape of the oreo, actually most round cookies, makes it quite easy to stack them and push one out at a time.

Noorlander followed up this sweet machine with another one that serves milk alongside the cookies.

A year ago I made a hands free Oreo dispenser. I loved it, you loved it, everyone loved it. But there was one major flaw with it. In this video, I’m improving the first version and I’m solving the milk problem. Introducing: The Oreo & Milk dispenser!

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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