Halved Plastic Dinosaur Toys Reunite as the Front and Back of Adorable Earrings


Hong Kong artist OOOWORKSHOP has created an amusing line of earrings that take recycled the plastic dinosaurs of childhood, cuts them in half, adds the ear wire and backs and then reunites them on either side of the ear. The effect is absolutely adorable. The earrings and other items are available through the OOOWORKSHOP Studio Etsy store, where the artist talks about her process.

I am a small potato who like to collect retro toys and make uncommon earring by them. Once i make one for my friend’s birthday a year ago, they support me to work it out and share with someone who have same taste, and favour. When i was a little girl, retro toys were my friend. Now, i (sic) grow, they are my memories.





photos via OOOWORKSHOP

via So Souper Awesome