A Compilation of ‘Gunther’ Scenes From ‘Friends’

With the sad news of the passing of James Michael Tyler at the age of 59 due to advanced metastatic prostate cancer, it seems only appropriate to share an amusing compilation of the best scenes featuring his character “Gunther” from the long-running series Friends. While Gunther wasn’t considered a “friend,” Tyler made himself known in the best way possible in every scene he was in.

The character of Gunther was complicated, particularly when it came to his unrequited but passionate love for Rachel, yet it was mostly due to him getting in his own way.

The Take did a wonderful analysis of Gunther’s personality.

Gunther is one of the great mysteries of ‘Friends’. We never even learned his last name …We get hints that he could be a fascinating person if we got to know him better … but that interesting guy never materializes. Gunther just stays in the background quietly working the same boring job at Central Perk for ten seasons and counting. He doesn’t leave for a more exciting career nor does he find romantic happiness or even get to become one of the friends which he clearly wants to be.

In June 2021, Tyler spoke with ET about his diagnosis, the Friends reunion, his mission to inform people about getting tested, and his fervent hope that he would reach his 59th birthday.

James Michael Tyler, who played Gunther on ‘Friends,’ reveals he was diagnosed with stage 4 prostate cancer in 2018. The 59-year old actor appeared on the ‘Today’ show, explaining why he chose to keep his health struggles private during his appearance on ‘Friends: The Reunion’ on HBO Max. He also shares that it’s now his life’s mission to inspire others to take their health seriously with routine visits to the doctor.

Rest in Peace James Michael. You will be missed.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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