Adam Savage Finds Out More About Grant Imahara’s Final Project Building an Animatronic Baby Yoda

Adam Savage (previously) of Tested visited with prop maker Lauren Markland to talk about one of Grant Imahara‘s final projects, an incredible 3D printed animatronic version of the wildly popular Baby Yoda character, aka “The Child”, aka Grogu, from the Disney+ series The Mandalorian.

One of Grant’s last major projects is his animatronic “Baby Yoda,” a collaboration with prop artisan Lauren Markland and costumer Lindsay Hamilton.

Markland explained how she, Imahara, and Lindsay Hamilton worked night and day for three months to get the design and the feel just right, as the plan was to visit children’s hospitals across the United States with Grogu in tow.

Lauren explains to Adam Savage how she and Grant built this “happiness maker” (in just three months!), as well as Grant’s intentions behind his Grogu replica’s ultimate use.