A Festive Gina Rodriguez Answers 73 Questions While Twirling Around Her Los Angeles Home

A very festive Gina Rodriguez invited Joe Sabia of Condé Nast Entertainment into her Los Angeles home to answer 73 random questions for Vogue. Twirling around in a flowy green dress, Rodriguez lovingly spoke about her family, her favorite places to visit, learning to box, her belief in hope and empathy, and her wish for the safety and well being of the people of Puerto Rico.

-[Interviewer] And I hear you’re working closely with the recovery effort following Hurricane Maria.
What is your hope for the people of Puerto Rico?

– That they get the support and resources they deserve as American citizens and they feel like they’re getting the support and the resources.

– [Interviewer] Can you finish this sentence for me?

– Sure.

– [Interviewer] Hollywood of the future looks like…?

– The America I see everyday. Multiple ethnicities, colors, shapes, sizes everything and everyone… tolerance.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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