Gerald V. Casale of DEVO Releases a Brilliantly Animated Video For His Song ‘I’m Gonna Pay U Back’

Gerald V. Casale, a prolific songwriter, an award-winning music video and commercial director, a proprietor of wines and member of DEVO, released his delicious revenge song “I’m Gonna Pay U Back” with a brilliantly animated music video to accompany it.

Casale his band have been performing under the moniker “Jihad Jerry & the Evildoers”.

Gerald V. Casale as `The Hero`
Josh Freese as `Street Drummer`
Jihad Jerry as `The Villain`

Gerald V. Casale: vocals, bass guitar, synthesizers
Josh Freese: unparalleled percussion, synth
Josh Hager: guitar, synth programming
Steve Bartek: wild guitars

Im Gonna Pay U Back Gerald V Casale DEVO

The video was co-directed by Casale and Davy Force. The animation was inspired by the work of artist TOMO77 who also provided the artwork for the album and CD covers.