Art Appreciating Gecko Visits Museum With Gecko Art

Inspired by the Tiny Gerbil Art Museum, performer Jill Young quite thoughtfully built a miniature art museum for her pet gecko who simply goes by “The Mayor”. The gallery provided custom gecko artwork based upon famous paintings that were hung on the walls with a red velvet rope separating viewers from the artwork. The Mayor, however, had no problems crossing that line as he is a true art aficionado.

Young spoke with Hyperallergic about The Mayor’s artistic preferences.

The Mayor has a refined and eclectic taste, and I wanted to cover a range of art genres and pieces in hopes of winning his respect. Also, I tried to choose pieces that I felt I could show as much of a gecko’s shape as possible, like “The Birth of Venus” (“The Birth of Gecko”) as they are rather difficult to paint from head-on.

The custom artwork is available for purchase through Young’s Etsy store.

Gecko Artwork

via Hyperallergic