Game of Shrooms 2021, A Scavenger Hunt For Mushroom Art Hidden by Artists Around the World

Attaboy, the talented artist, author, co-founder of Hi-Fructose Magazine and friend of Laughing Squid has announced the date for the 2021 Game of Shrooms. As with previous years, this game is a creative scavenger hunt for which artists all over the world create and hide original mushroom art around their respective cities for people to find. Anyone anywhere can participate and can leave even leave a preview of their art through the site. The search begins on June 12, 2021. The only rules to the game are that people remain socially distant and that they leave no trace.

Game of Shrooms is a once a year world-wide art N seek event created by Attaboy. Last year thousands across the world participated in their local areas hiding and hunting safely during the pandemic! This year, there’s a new map which just opened up for entrants, where artists can leave their general location and links to where they will be showing their previews. . …This is a Leave No Trace event. Meaning: do not plant in parks, on trails, or in protected areas, and collect any art that was not found. On June 12th 2021, nature (mushrooms) invades human space, not the other way around.