Fuzzy Yellow, A Brightly Colored Nebulous Creature Refuses to Be Put Into Easily Assigned Categories

In what first appears as a completely nonsensical video in which a fuzzy yellow creature sings about itself, is actually an important point about how people are put into easily assigned categories because of what they look like or what others thinks they should be. The video is part of a larger project by Måns Swanberg entitled “Hey Fuzzy Yellow” that seeks to help kids find self-acceptance in who they are.

You are yellow, so you must be a banana. This is not something kids will hear very often – but ‘You’re a girl, so you like pink toys’ certainly is. The pressure on kids to conform to standards is immense, and it starts early on. Identity, gender, grades, career. This film was made to emit self-acceptance and pride, and to show how great it feels to reject a mold that doesn’t suit you!

via swissmiss