How to Turn a Furby Into a Nightmarish Centipede

Professional sushi chef and costume designer Look_I_Made_A_Rat shows how to transform a Furby into a nightmarish centipede in 16 easy steps. The designer notes that this tutorial is only for “1998 Classic Furbies and 1999 Furby Buddy only, nothing newer” and has instructions for both models.

We have two long children, Boots and Mothball, and plenty of commissions and adopts moving through our house constantly. We’ve made them from a 1998 Classic, a 1999 Furby Buddy, and a Mc Keychain. All of them are complete re-furb-ishments, where I replaced the head fabric before adding the length. In this instructable, I will show you how to this style and how to simply add more body.

via Technabob