A Friendly Cleaning Robot That Sings, Tells Jokes and Provides Welcome Distraction at a Munich Hospital

A floor cleaning robot named Franziska has become a wonderful, comforting presence to both healthcare workers and patients at Neuperlach Hospital in Munich, Germany. Aside from her floor cleaning duties, Franziska will often sing, tell a joke or just provide a welcome distraction to an otherwise stressful day during the COVID-19 pandemic. The robotic cleaner was brought in to temporarily to supplement the hospital’s housecleaning crew.

Her name is Franziska. She can clean floors, chat about her day, sing a song or tell a joke. She works at a hospital in Munich, where she cheers up staff and patients who talk to her or pat her on the head because Franziska is not only a cleaner, she is a robot.

Franziska was built by LionsBot International, a robotics company in Singapore that “creates cleaning robots as a service for commercial, industrial, and public spaces”.

All LionsBot robots are built with Active AI, which constitutes a vital part of LionsOS to drive its performance capabilities. Active AI forms the foundation to provide the outstanding functions of our connected robots

via Nag on the Lake