The Foo Fighters Hilariously Troll Westboro Baptist Church Protesters With Disco and a Message of Love

While in Kansas City for a show, the incredible Foo Fighters loaded themselves onto a flatbed truck and hilariously trolled the less than tolerant members of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church with a live disco performance of their cover of “You Should Be Dancing” by the Bee Gees. Frontman Dave Grohl also added in a message of love.

I got something to say. Because you know what I love? The way i look at it is, I love everybody. Isn’t that what you’re supposed to do? Can’t you just love everybody? Because I think it’s about love. That’s what I do. I think we’re all about love and you shouldn’t be hating.

The church had been protesting the band’s show the night before, so Dave Grohl and the band decided to do several laps around the hill where the protesters were making themselves known.

This isn’t the first time the Foo Fighters have interacted with the Westboro Baptist Church. The band counter-protested the picketers in 2011 by “keeping it clean” and then “Rickrolled” them in 2015.

Here’s the 2011 performance.

Here’s the 2015 “Rickroll”.