Foldio Launches Kickstarter Project For Foldio2, a ‘Bigger & Smarter’ Portable Photo Studio With a Smartphone App

Orangemonkie, the makers of the portable photo studio Foldio, have taken to Kickstarter to fund Foldio2, a “bigger & smarter” version of their original design with a planned smartphone app to create “a better environment everyone can take high quality pictures with a smartphone easily.”

Foldio (a portmanteau of “foldable” and “studio”) is portable photo studio with a foldable design for smartphones. Foldio allows anybody with a smartphone to easily take studio-quality pictures. This is our ambitious project intended to unfold a whole new level of possibilities in smartphone photography. …We have a goal to edit and upload photos on the Internet with only a smartphone. So we are developing a smartphone app for Foldio 2. Even though there are many photo editing apps, we struggled to find a simple one. We will design it to be highly compatible with Foldio to edit photos even better and easier.

Setup 1
Setup 2
Setup 3

Folio gif

Folio App Gif

Folio Shoe

Folio Headphones

Foldio Size


images via Foldio2