How Some Squids Are Able to Fly

In a lofty Ted-Ed (previously) lesson written by Robert Siddall and animated by Matt Reynolds, narrator Jack Cutmore-Scott shares the rather interesting fact that certain squid have flying abilities. These soaring cephalopods engage the same locomotive actions that they use underwater to soar just above the waterline, ready to dive back in when necessary. It is believed that this might be a defensive move to escape predators, a convenient way to migrate en masse, or it just could be a test of adolescence.

Leading theories suggest that flight is an escape behavior, as flying squid generally seem to be fleeing a nearby predator or ship. Other researchers think their flight may be an energy-saving migration strategy because it takes less energy to move quickly through the air than through water. However, it’s also possible that learning to fly may be a vital part of surviving adolescence.

Flying Squid